About the Law Firm

In 1991, Roman Krzysztof Porwisz founded a private Law Firm in Krakow, specialising mainly in ongoing legal support for businesses and clients in the real estate market, construction industry and the media.

In 2000, the firm transformed into the company R. Porwisz i Partnerzy (R.Porwisz and Partners), and its owners were long-time associates of the attorney Roman K. Porwisz: Kazimierz Gródek and Maciej Potoczny (both legal counsels).

Thanks to the Law Firm’s growth seen in the following years, attorneys Andrzej Przewrocki, Lucyna Dygas, Tomasz Rytlewski and Tomasz Nierobisz joined as its partners.

In recent years, we opened offices in Warsaw and Gliwice.

Since 2013 we are cooperating with law firms affiliated within international network of independent law firms Lexwork.

Almost all lawyers and legal counsels hired by our Law Firm were employed full-time. Their high skills in law were confirmed by very good results and awards obtained during exams. This way of creating the team that today consists of 28 lawyers is a guarantee of professionalism and efficient cooperation enabling the exchange of experience and new ideas and a great atmosphere. We also build trust and customer satisfaction thanks to the involvement of lawyers in the Firm's projects, the quest for a thorough understanding of the customer’s market and its special features, creativity and willingness to implement innovative solutions, requiring the skill of thinking outside the box.

A significant part of our business relies on providing comprehensive legal services to companies. We help in creating businesses, advising on choosing the best available forms of business activity. We also help with mergers and acquisitions. Our firm will represent you in business registration (KRS) and administrative procedures.

Businesses that already operate on the market can take advantage of our offer comprehensive legal services for all legal aspects of the business including consultancy on tax law.

In preparing agreements, we also put our lawsuit experience to use, trying to minimise the risk of subsequent litigation.

One of the key areas of our Law Firm’s activities is real estate market services, including the related investment lawsuits.

Partners and lawyers in our Law Firm have expert knowledge and many years of experience in the field of intellectual property rights, the media and advertising.

Our ability to implement innovative solutions, excellent knowledge of the market and flexibility attracted numerous operators in IT and new technologies industry, including the fast-developing mobile sectors. We have over 15 years of experience in providing services to operators in this industry. Currently, we are working on major projects in the new media market and payment services based on mobile applications.

Charitable activities are not intended for promotion purposes. We provide consultancy to not-for-profit organisations on their statutory activity and to others where this is justified.